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Galaxy Star Myanmar MRTV-4 Episode 9 2017

Galaxy Star Myanmar MRTV-4

Galaxy Star Myanmar MRTV-4 Galaxy Star little congregation Galaxy Star little congregation in the Galaxy Star Episode -9 9:20 minute live broadcast (live) will be displayed. Get Reminder and certainly a good time to be monitored.

Anyone who is between 15 to 35 years old can participate in the program. The contestants between 15 to 18 years old will need to bring their parents’ consent form and NRC cards whereas the contestants above 18 years old will only need to bring their NRC cards.

Samsung Myanmar announced today that they will be collaborating with Namin Co., Ltd to create an exciting program for young vocalists in Myanmar. The aim of the program is to fulfill the passion and dreams of the vocal talents across Myanmar. The program will not only bring up youngsters to the music industry but also provide a platform where they can grow together with the program.